Explore how shared ownership eases the burden of hefty deposits for first-time homebuyers. Discover our range of low-deposit developments and fast-track your journey onto the property ladder.


The journey to homeownership often comes with a significant hurdle, the deposit required. A recent study indicates that the average first-time buyer must save for approximately 104 months, nearly nine years, to afford the deposit for a £425,000 property. This calculation assumes they earn the mean gross salary in London (£51,948), and are able to save 10% of their income each month.

While the duration may differ depending on regions and individual situations, it’s undeniable that saving for a deposit can significantly postpone the moment of finally obtaining the keys to your own home. However, there’s a solution to get yourself on the housing ladder sooner – shared ownership.


How Does Shared Ownership Offer Lower Deposits?

Shared ownership means that the buyer purchases a share of equity in their home, typically ranging between 25% to 75%, and pays a subsidised rent to Hyde New Homes for the unpurchased share. The buyer can then purchase additional shares, at any time convenient to them, all the way up to full ownership.

The deposit required is determined by your equity share. Opting for a 25% share of your home dramatically decreases the deposit needed compared to purchasing the house outright.

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The Power of Lower Deposits: Ester’s Success Story

Shared ownership offers buyers a pathway to homeownership by reducing the financial barriers that often stand in the way.

Meet Easter, a homeowner at Hyde’s development Bluebell Heights in Coldean, Brighton. Thanks to Shared Ownership’s lower deposits, Ester have been able to secure her dream home faster than buying outright.

“Buying outright and having to save up for a deposit on a traditional mortgage would have taken years and years. I saved £8,250 for the deposit, for 30% equity in my home, which cost £275,000. All of a sudden, having to save for years on end turned into something much more achievable. Buying through shared ownership has made home ownership more affordable. If I’d bought outright I’d have had to save for a much larger deposit”

–  Ester, Hyde Homeowner

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Explore Hyde’s Lower Deposit Developments

Purchasing through shared ownership doesn’t mean you have to compromise on location or quality. Our homes are located across London, Kent and Sussex, in both cities and the countryside. All homes feature a high specification as standard including contemporary kitchen units with integrated appliances and stylish flooring throughout and gardens laid to lawn where applicable.

At Hyde New Homes, we’re committed to making homeownership accessible to everyone. Take a look at some of our shared ownership developments which offer a more affordable deposit.


Eastman Village

  • Shared Ownership deposit: £8,425 (For a 25% share)
  • Outright Sales deposit: £33,700

Located conveniently in a Zone 5 location, Eastman Village in Harrow offers the perfect blend of the London lifestyle and affordability. A 25% share of a one bedroom apartment with podium garden views costs £84,250. To purchase it, a buyer would need a minimum 10% deposit of just £8,425. The full market value of this home is £337,000. It would require a £33,700 deposit to buy the same home outright.

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Whitstable Height

  • Shared Ownership deposit: £12,875 (For a 25% share)
  • Outright Sales deposit: £51,500

In the popular seaside town of Whitstable, our spacious four bedroom family homes with allocated parking and private gardens can be bought for as little as £128,750, requiring a deposit of only £12,875 with a 25% share. The full market value of this home is £515,000 meaning if it was bought outright the deposit needed would be £51,500.

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  • Shared Ownership deposit: £12,875 (For a 25% share)
  • Outright Sales deposit: £51,500

Similarly in the picturesque village of Yapton, surrounded by nature, the full market value of a four bedroom house is £510,000. If bought outright it would require a £51,000 deposit, however, through shared ownership only a deposit of £12,750 is needed as a 25% share costs £127,000.

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