We’ve adapted a new way to communicate with our customers. We still want to share our fabulous homes with those looking for their new home, but we’re doing things a little bit differently.

We know that people are spending more time browsing from home and since we can’t invite them to visit our show homes or the homes they indicate an interest in, we are offering them the opportunity to experience these homes digitally through a series of virtual tours that simulate the experience of walking through a home. And they can view at their leisure!

Our consultants are available to chat by phone or Skype and offer a tailor-made service to reply to queries and describe the benefits of the home in question, as well as recommending other homes which may be of interest to the particular requirements of that customer.

We launched this initiative last week and have had very encouraging feedback to-date, with a total of 6,666 total views and 2,186 unique visitors across all the tours by Monday 27th April.

Why not take a few minutes to explore some of our recent virtual viewings and experience what it’s like to call a Hyde new home, your home?




We still want to share our fabulous homes with you, but we’re adapting to the times and doing things a little bit differently. Why not chat to our friendly team over the phone or Skype regarding our off-plan reservation opportunity?

We can keep you updated with the latest developments around conveyancing and handovers and should you wish to proceed with a reservation at this time or in the near future; we are now fully-equipped to do this online.